Take Down! The Supremes Battle The Justice Department
Pamela Martin

But this development–conservative Supremes ‘taking on’ authoritarian elements in the Justice Department–strikes me as so ominous that I feel I have to.

I have to assume that you don’t pay to much attention to the Supreme Court? None of this is unusual. There are 2 or 3 cases of this nature every year. Just about this time last year they decided UNIVERSAL HEALTH SERVICES, INC. v. UNITED STATES EX REL. ESCOBAR and slapped down DoJ over-reach. A bunch of DoJ lawyers also got slapped with sanctions for lying to courts back in 2014.

But this, of course, we cannot afford to do. The mind boggles at the myriad ways by which the Trump administration is attempting to dismantle everything and anything in our country subject to federal control that is progressive, fair, right-minded, and compassionate.

You are aware that the Federal government began the proceedings against this woman in this case back in 2013, right? It was the Obama administration’s DoJ that pushed this case and fought this woman in the District and Appeals courts and this case has been working it’s way through the Supreme Court process since last August.

This isn’t a “Trump thing”. Despite all the grumbling, the Supreme Court gets things right way more often than they get things wrong.