The Dodge Ram, and the Downfall of Civil Society
Ben VanderVeen

The next time you’re driving, do a quick check of how many giant pickups you come across. And then scan whether their beds are full of gear, serving the purpose they were designed for. It’s fair to assume 90% of the trucks are empty.

I’d question whether that is a valid measure or not. I own a 1/2 ton pickup. I use it to pick up 800 lbs of animal feed every other week and to take my household trash to the town transfer station weekly. The rest of the time… yeah, the bed is empty. Am I supposed to buy a 2nd vehicle to run to the store in when I need a gallon of milk? I have a perfectly good truck that I paid $45K for. Why shouldn’t I drive it?

Due to loopholes, fullsize pickups evade any sort of emissions-testing or regulations, leading to ever-increasing engine sizes, and ever-polluting diesel systems.

Since when? Light Duty trucks (commonly, those up to 1-ton) are required to meet a host of EPA Standards. And in my State, my truck gets the exact same required bi-annual emissions test as any other car.

Can you clarify what you are talking about here?

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