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I am given the number “% Held by Institutions 44.46.”
However, I can find no further details about these institutions. This is missing information that I would very much like to know.

If you can’t find that info, you aren’t trying. It took me less than 20 seconds to find via Google.

I would like to see a chart on my trading account that resembles the TWTR chart you provided in your article. I am a consumer but my demand for a service — I am willing to pay — is not being addressed by the free markets.

Have you ever contacted TD Ameritrade and requested that functionality and offered to pay the full amount it would cost them to implement it? I suspect that if you offered to throw a couple million dollars at it, they’d listen.

The fact that one customer out of millions is willing to pay an additional $1/month for a feature doesn’t create a free-market demand for that feature. Free markets are based on market demand, not on one individual’s demands.

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