Bring Back Home Ec.
Fiona Tapp

I’m one of those old farts that went to school in the 1960s/70s and we all took Home Ec and the boys were also required to take shop classes. Throughout my adult life I’ve probably done 80+% of the cooking in the household and I’ve always maintained an interest in gardening to the point where now I grow and preserve most of my own food. (luckily, I have the land/space to do that.)

I don’t know if that could all be fit back into the modern school systems during the regular school year or not but there is no good reason these sorts of things couldn’t be offered during the break weeks and summer months.

There is no reason most school districts couldn’t run (or at least organize) a “Home Repairs Camp” for a month during summer vacations. They could do the same thing with age appropriate “Food Camp”, “Personal Care Camp”, “Personal Finances Camp” and a host of other camps. They don’t need someone with a MEd teaching every one of these classes. (Although educators should be involved in putting the courses together.)

School systems could make it mandatory that students complete X number of camps as a high school graduation requirement. Then the students (and their parents) and can work around that to fit in their sacred summer vacations. They have 12 years to figure it out. Lots of parents would be more than happy to have their kids attend. Their children would be being watched without having to pay for childcare and have less opportunity to get into trouble.

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