If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

Interesting column but I think the speculation about what Trump supporters would do in reaction is off (as is the speculation in many of the previous responses.)

The Trump supporters don’t need to shut down the agricultural sectors to bring the country to it’s knees.

During the 2008 housing crisis, some 10 million people had their homes foreclosed on. Who bailed out the banks and at what cost? Can we do that again? Can we do that on a scale that is even larger?

What would happen when the disaffected Trump supporters simply drop out of the economy and live off of their IRAs/401ks until they are eligible for Social Security and all demand access to government subsidized Obamacare? If 20% of Trump supporters simply stopped making their mortgage payments, what would we do? The banks will run through the legal process of foreclosing and then what? Is someone going to go and physically remove those people from their houses? Or will they just continue to live in them for years on end because no one is willing to bother? The banks aren’t going to be in any rush to seize them and let them sit vacant until they collapse.

20% of the 63 million that voted for Trump is some 12 million people. That’s larger than the 2008 housing crisis. And what happens when they also stop making their car payments? And payments on everything else they’ve purchased on credit? Once those houses are foreclosed on, who are those local communities going to send their annual property tax bills to? And when those taxes aren’t paid how are they going to maintain their payrolls for police, fire, teachers, etc..?

Between another collapse in the housing market and the drain on long term savings, banks will be in trouble. Banks that are in trouble stop speculating and investing in Silicon Valley start-ups. What about the current cultural darlings like Uber, Tesla and Twitter? While they are heavily used and popular they are all also LOSING money. Can any of them survive without additional investment money? Government spending on things like environmental research, education and a host of other things will be slashed to cover the increasing cost of maintaining the welfare State.

Several people have commented that Big Ag controls the farms along with immigrant labor and that’s true to a large extent. But who maintains all of that equipment that Big Ag uses? Who manufacturers all of the parts needed to keep that stuff running? An immediate shut down of the Ag sector is unlikely but a slow death spiral is entirely possible. Those big farms won’t be getting their government subsidies and they’ll have a hard time finding people to maintain the equipment they use to get their crops out of the fields and into grocery stores. Would we open the floodgates to more immigration and figure out how to pay to educate their children?

Even a 5% slow down in Ag would have ripple effects across the economy. 10% of the gasoline used by commuters in urban areas is ethanol — produced from corn and sugar cane. Gas prices are going up. A shortage of corn, wheat, etc… means higher food prices for everyone. The idea that urban farms are somehow going to make up for that is simply nonsense. Yes, we can import more from other countries but on a global scale, it’s still a losing proposition for progressive ideals. Residents of urban areas would simply be driving up the food costs for the poor in every part of the world. Say good bye to those artisanal bakeries and craft beers. All of their primary ingredients will be getting redirected into the basics and the majority of the people making them will be unemployed, further straining the welfare systems.

If Trump supporters are going to take down the country, it won’t be through aggression. It will be through passive actions that force the progressive aspects of our society to destroy itself in a slow motion collapse.

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