Challenges to overcome with Universal Basic Income (UBI)?
Ryan Carrier

Most of these aren’t actual shortcomings of a UBI.

“ #1 UBI is in conflict with basic human traits. I have genuine concern that the proponents of UBI simply fail to understand people. Many people like to work, like to achieve, like to outperform their peers, like to gather wealth, like to changes their social status, like expensive things, like to travel to exotic places. All of those things are diametrically opposed to UBI.”

There is noting in the concept of a UBI that prevent any of those people that want to work from doing so.

“ #2 UBI implementation. Living in New York City and rural Kansas are not the same thing, just trust me on that. So how is UBI calculated and provided? Does someone receiving UBI in New York receive more than the person in Kansas? Their food, clothing and shelter will all cost a ton more… If they do, how is that fair or justified?”

“Fair” is a completely nonsensical subjective standard. Why is it “fair” that people in NYC have access to public transportation and people in Lenora, KS don’t? The idea of a UBI is to allow people some freedom to make choices for themselves. Where they wish to live is one of those choices. If someone wants to live in NYC, they have the means of discovering the cost of living there. It’s some to them to weigh the pros/cons and make the decision that best suits them.

#4 Marx tried this concept and it failed MISERABLY, we called it Communism back in the day.”

Most of the places that have tried to implement Marxism did so through violent means and used continued violence to intimidate anyone that spoke out against it. That’s why they failed.

Will people make the comparison? Sure! Heck, *I* make that comparison. But a UBI doesn’t need to be implemented through violent means.

#6 Politics. A proper UBI replaces Social Security, Good luck with THAT discussion. We cannot afford SS and UBI… that’s obvious.”

Where is this definition of what is or isn’t a “proper UBI”? A UBI could replace the existing SS system. But it isn’t required to do so. And it isn’t so obvious to me that the two couldn’t exist side-by-side. We could afford it if we chose to do so.

#7 Cultural — Many in the US don’t like the idea of a free lunch.

No, pretty much every likes a free lunch. The next time you are in some food service establishment yell out that you’re willing to buy and see how many people actually refuse. What people don’t like is someone else getting the free lunch and then being forced to pay for it. If everyone is getting the free lunch, no one would blink an eye. This is why people don’t generally complain much about road taxes. They use those roads too.

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