I never understood the pre-existing conditions argument.

Most people do buy their health insurance well before they are diagnosed with a condition. But the way this country operates (for some stupid reason!) is that we generally get our health insurance through our employer.

Got laid off? Got a better job offer? Brand new to the workforce? If you change employers you also change health insurance policies. And every time you do that, any pre-existing condition comes into play.

You can have a wonderful insurance plan through your employer for years. But when that job goes away, so does that insurance.

My daughter was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic at age 9. Was she supposed to buy her own health insurance policy when she was 2? She couldn’t stay on mine forever. Eventually every kid with a pre-existing condition will become an adult and need their own insurance policy. How are they supposed to get that before they get the condition?

I’d agree that Obamacare is an unsustainable model — but only because it was based on propping up the insurance industry and essentially gave health care providers free reign to rob us all blind in order to get them lend their political support. The insurance industry and health care providers had the Obamacare system beat before it was ever even implemented.

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