What’s Worse Than No Change? No Hope.
Jon Widawsky

1- Is this obvious evidence of collusion enough to finally get Trump impeached?
This is obviously evidence of collusion, and common sense would dictate that working with a foreign agent to dig up dirt on a rival, essentially putting your own campaign’s needs over those of America and American security, is a treasonous act by any measure.

So when Clinton’s campaign cronies paid Mr. Steele $1 million for that Trump dossier, that was treason too, right?

My understanding of the applicable FEC rules on “collusion” require that there be “something of value” exchanged. The FEC has always interpreted that pretty loosely in the past but I haven’t heard that Trump (or his campaign) actually got anything at all out of any meeting that has been disclosed thusfar.

4- How in the world can we change the narrative to ensure big wins in 2018 and 2020?

Maybe we ought to quit focusing on “narratives” and “re-framing” and come up with some actual policies? Maybe we could advance those policies without being hypocritical and violating them at the same time?

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