Basic Income — Part Five: How UBI Will Disrupt Poverty
Natalie Denning

Sooo…. How are you going to pay for this? Your $30,000/year for every adult in the US (all 242,470,820 of them) totals up to $7.27 trillion per year.

The entire value of the Social Security trust fund is just over $2.6 trillion. That won’t even cover half a year of funding for your example proposal.

If you add up the annual cost of every other welfare system we have you don’t even get to $500 billion/year.

Between those two you have enough funds to run this idea until it crashes and burns in month 7. And then it ends and there is no more Social Security system because you just spent it all.

The entire Federal budget is about $3.7 trillion. You are essentially proposing that we triple that amount yet offer no feasible ideas on how we do that.

So back to your question:

Ok… But how do we do it?
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