Could you provide a citation to the 1989 JAMA study you cite?
Caroline O.

The JAMA article can be found here. (assuming you have access!)

While individual scientists may have their own agendas, the scientific method is a self-correcting process when it is allowed to function with transparency — which is exactly what the freeze on federal funding has prohibited.

That was the problem to begin with. The original (so-called) science wasn’t conducted with transparency. It was pretty clearly conducted with an obvious agenda. How long was that supposed to be allowed to go on before it became self-correcting? The people promoting it weren’t waiting for more studies or correcting their work based on critiques and peer review. They immediately set out to change laws.

We aren’t going to solve this problem with partisan bickering, as the past 2 decades have shown.

Agreed. But now we are left with a split in public opinion where the scientific community isn’t seen as an honest, neutral broker of information. I don’t see that changing any time soon. The gun-rights community isn’t going to support government funding of research until the scientific community demonstrates that they are acting with transparency and without an agenda. The scientific community (at least in the Public Health realm) seems to be unwilling to do that.

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