Enough of the Republican Party

I read today that deficits have spiked by $80B and that 3 million less people have health insurance today than when Trump took office — the result of the combined efforts of the Trump administration and a Republican-controlled congress.

Ummm.. No.

The CBO released their PROJECTED ESTIMATE that the number of uninsured will increase by 3 million people in the year 2026 when compared to their previous projected estimates. That has nothing to do with the current number of uninsured or anything to do with the day Trump took office.

And deficits rose by $6.690 trillion under Obama. That’s over $836 billion/year during his terms in office.

The “$80 billion” figure you mention is the the Federal Deficit for FY2017 when compared to FY2016. That’d be the FY2017 budget that Obama requested and signed off on. Trump submitted a request for additional spending to the Congress but they didn’t approve it. The $80 billion increase is primarily attributed to increased costs for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Trump hasn’t changed any of those programs so trying to pin that on Trump is a stretch.

Trump is a big enough idiot on his own. Don’t go making up “facts” based on your own misinterpretations of things you heard/read.

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