Blockchain and the ballot box
Chris McCann

A solution is now available, with the adoption of blockchain technology for voting, results could be trusted and verified, with voters able to ensure that their vote was cast and counted.

Until such time as you can get to where you can fully explain blockchains to your own grandmother in under 3 minutes (and get her to actually understand it), the general public isn’t going to accept this.

Blockchain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, which boasts the accolade of ‘never been hacked’.

In the security world the missing operative word there would be “yet”. As in “Never been hacked… yet.”

With blockchain all votes would be traceable in an audit trail, that would verify no votes were changed or removed and no illegitimate votes were added.

What happens if all those audit trails are kept and blockchains are eventually compromised? Wouldn’t that create the possibility for people to go back and figure out how each voter cast their votes?

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