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“That brings up the predominant left-right split on Universal Basic Income — will it unleash vast legions of free-minded, unburdened creatives who enrich the world with their previously-stifled talents through art or entrepreneurship, or will it create a society of lazy freeloaders suckling the government teat from mom’s basement for eternity at the taxpayers’ expense. But which one will it be? That is the question “they” want you to ask — in reality, it will be some of both.”

Well of course the answer is “both”. How could it possible be anything else? The problem therein is that for those that will spend their newly found free time to be “creative” will be creating shit.

Only a tiny percentage of “artists” create anything worthwhile as it is. What do people really expect when you let loose the hoards that can’t even be bothered with any artistic expression right now?

The marketplace will be flooded with so much crap that you won’t even be able to find the quality stuff. Oh, and since there will be so much garbage out there, no one will be willing to pay for any of it so those newly minted “artists” that think they are going to supplement their UBI? FAGETABOUDIT!

At the end of the day, UBI might well be a great idea, but its implementation might play right to the hand of the most powerful at the expense of everyone else, putting us on a slippery slope to a dystopian society where humans rely on an all-powerful corporate government for our very human needs (think, Buy-N-Large from Wall-E, only Amazon-Tesla-Chipotle-Exxon) — and that is certainly not a vision of the future that many of us eagerly await.

Oh. I thought that was the whole UBI game plan in a nutshell. Wasn’t the whole idea to get everyone sucking on the corporate-owned government teet for their every need?