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So the main impact of the Jay Parker plan or officially known as ParkerCare or ParCare for short is to DO NO HARM!

While I’ll clap and admit that this is indeed, a noble idea, it isn’t reality. People ARE going to get hurt in any transition and I think it’s a mistake to downplay that. Let’s face it here, healthcare is intertwined with every aspect of our lives and we’re talking about un-winding the last 80+ years.

Just to understand that, using myself as an example, when I entered the military in the mid-1970s we were told by Congress every year that we weren’t getting pay raises but… FREE HEALTHCARE FOR LIFE! (if you stuck around 20+ years and retired).

Then in the mid-1980s Reagan and the Congress still didn’t wnat to give us pay raises and changed the mantra to “FREE HEALTH INSURANCE FOR LIFE!” (if you stuck around 20+ years and retired).

Then in the 1990s under the Clinton/Gingrich cabal we were given the same run around when it came to pay raises but.. “HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED HEALTH INSURANCE FOR LIFE!” (if you stuck around 20+ years and retired).

So when I entered the military we were promised free healthcare through the military healthcare system for life. By the time I finally retired it had become “Well, you only pay a small amount for health insurance and then deal with deductibles and co-pays out of pocket.”. But those pay raises never came and that kept my monthly retirement check amount low (to save the taxpayers money, of course!).

So what happens under a Medicare for all system? One of the proposed cost savings under that would be removing funding from the DoD for my health insurance. I’d get thrown into the Medicare-for-all system just like everyone else. My taxes will go up but I doubt my retirement check will.

There are several million other military retirees in the same boat I’m in. And tens of millions of Federal Civil Service, State and Municipal employees have been given the same song and dance over the decades too. We’ll all have to pay more in taxes and not see any increase in benefits.

And no one has said what happens to all of those who are currently retired and on Social Security and Medicare. They would (presumably) stop paying anything they currently pay to Medicare but their taxes will go up by more than that. Will we increase Social Security benefits to compensate for that? What would that do to the Social Security system?

All in all, we’re probably looking at a good 30%+ of the population that WILL get harmed under the Sanders proposal. And that assumes that his plan is modified to require employers to increase employee pay. If that doesn’t happen, we’d be looking at 80%+ of the population that is harmed. And that just scratches the surface of all of this.

There is LOT of un-winding to do. I don’t see how it can be done without a significant portion of the population getting the short end of the stick. So keep working on that JayParker Plan! ;)