Jim Toner: How I Survived The Real Estate Game

Jim Toner
Jim Toner
Jun 14, 2018 · 4 min read

Having been in the real estate investment business for over 25 years, I had pretty much seen it all. From starting out doing simple wholesale deals with no money and no credit to suddenly finding myself on CNN for giving away debt-free homes to veterans.

After a series of “unfortunate” incidents that began in 2010, I decided to drop out of the world of investment real estate.

The icing on the cake was when myself and a number of my clients were taken by a nationally known “guru.” This person operated one of the largest real estate firms in Phoenix, Arizona. They were featured weekly on FOX News National and had a large number of professional athletes on their resume as clients.

It is a long story, but this person basically stole all of our money and wrecked my life in the process. Knowing what I know about how dirty the world of “making money in real estate” is and having just gone through what I did, I decided I had had enough and wanted no more to do with the business.

I began working with business owners and entrepreneurs on how to dramatically increase their businesses through “celebrity positioning”. I also wrote a book entitled “Send in the Wolves,” which went to number 1 on Amazon.

During this time, a friend and world-class marketer approached me and asked if I was still in the business of investment real estate. I let him know that I was out due to how dirty it was. Between the GURUS and Government intervention, it just was not fun anymore. Not to mention that a large number of “GURUS” are nothing of the sort. To be blunt, they are frauds with good marketing. For all the mistakes I made over the years, at least I can say that I was involved in thousands of deals and really “did” the business.

A few months had passed and my friend contacted me again to ask if I had reconsidered. I told him I had not until he hit me with this: “Jim Toner, do you realize that many of the guys in the ‘guru’ sect PAY companies big money to create a story like yours. You are the real deal and I don’t understand why you are walking away “

That comment grabbed my attention. I really did have the rags to riches story, AND the proof. I actually did appear on national news and was written up in Business Journals. I was, reluctantly, a REAL guru.

Long story short — after MUCH thought, I decided I would jump back into the game again but ONLY on the following two conditions:

1. I would pick the market in which we would operate. Why? Because some markets really ARE better to be in. Sorry gurus, not every town is good.

2. I would find and recruit the BEST LOCAL investor in that town to operate my program.

The secret to really helping people make money with investment real estate is to BE THERE on the ground with them. Again, sorry gurus; coming into town and selling $40,000 bus tours only helps you, not someone who wants to make it.

My team and I decided on 5 markets and decided to start in Akron, Ohio. This is one of the most underrated markets in the country and I should know, having done over 200 deals there in the last few years.

Next, I needed “The Guy” — not a guru, but a real and proven full-time, in the trenches, real estate investor that knows their city inside and out.

When Andrew Carnegie said, “More Millionaires have created their wealth through real estate than any other endeavor,” he was right. When you invest in real estate the right way, you can write your own financial ticket. I was sick and tired of the lies being pushed by the industry. Most people need much more than books and tapes, and that includes being part of a well-oiled local machine being run by full-time investors.

We took my system, put an all-star ground team around it and BOOM! That’s how you do it.

Our goal is to not only have the Number 1 real estate investment training company in the world, but to also build our portfolio in each City we plant ourselves.

We PRACTICE what we teach, and buying as many deals as we can in our chosen markets shows people that we are the real deal and that we are not asking them to do anything that we are not doing ourselves on a much bigger scale. For the Ohio market, our goal is 500 homes in the next 5 years.

Also, in each city, we want the people to know that anyone interested in working with us will have to qualify, BUT we take good care of those we bring in. We really do want to form a powerful alliance with as many people as we can. There is strength in numbers and we bring a lot of ammunition to the table.

As far as “WHO” we are? Here is a hint. The podcast we will be launching is called “The Band of Rebels.”

We are non-conformist, hardcore, been there done that entrepreneurs who don’t fit any mold. We make the mold that others need to fit into.

We are irreverent, we have fun, we make money and we do right by people. Nothing makes me happier than helping a hard working guy or girl put an extra 20K in their pocket.

The business is dirty, but sometimes, the good guys can and do win.

To learn more about what I’m up to and how I can help YOU, connect with me:

Pinterest — https://www.pinterest.com/thejimtoner/

Angel.co — https://angel.co/thejimtoner

Slideshare — https://www.slideshare.net/jimtoner

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