Issue 9 — Don’t die of consumption learn by writing and we only get one planet now is our moment…
Joel Mwakasege

Hi Joel, just read through your email post of 9/13. My first thought included overused describers like “interesting” and “exciting.” Then, after some time to absorb your content, I suddenly realized that the most fitting word I can think of is fascinating., as in: of intense interest or attraction. Perhaps later, I could say more, but for now my focus is on your question #1 in the post script.

For two reasons the topic of community is of particular interest to me. In looking back over my life of nearly 75 years I have had multiple experiences the development of several communities. As an educated and experienced community organization I came to learn that those communities that a long-lived do so because they began their formation as intentional communities. Other communities develop from a need to bring attention to a person or cause. Then there are communities defined by boundaries as in “the hood.” Sad to say, many groups of people migrate toward each other without any spoken reason. In the last category, membership, focus and goal(s) is never clear.

I have had significant experience in each of these forms of Community. For me, the most exciting model is an intentional community with a shared vision, purpose, and outcome. What I read in your email is the idea of a community of writers supporting writers. In the Wyoming city, I live in there is very strong support for the arts, which is great, except, writing is not considered an art. The result is no community or other types of support for the writer.

Please count me in as a supporter of the direction you seem to going in. If there is anything I can offer you, just let me know.


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