Overpromised, Underdelivered: My Terrible Experience with Thinkful

I signed up in November of 2015 full of hope and excitement for my future. I enrolled into the front-end web development courses and also the node course. My first mentor was great and we got along very well. Then in March, 2016, I was suddenly assigned to a different mentor without any prior warning. I logged in to the usual session time and was told that somebody new was going to guide me through. At first, everything was going well, but soon he started missing sessions with no notice. I should have asked to get another mentor, but felt I was very close to finishing so I continued with him.

In July, 2016, my program director told me that he was confident I was ready to graduate and when I sent him my portfolio, he said that it was good enough for him and had me start working with a designer to polish it up. She gave me a few pointers to make my portfolio better. The issue with her was that she kept telling me to use my design skills, even though I never took design courses. I told her that I hadn’t taken those courses and was only a developer, but she kept telling me to “use your design skills, use your design skills!”

After three months, THREE MONTHS, of this, somehow another program director got looped into the discussion and he told me that my portfolio, the very same portfolio approved by the first program director, violated Thinkful’s own standards for graduation portfolios. At this point, I had now been enrolled in the 6–8 month program for a full year and he wanted me to redo each and every single one of my projects in the portfolio. When I told him that it had been approved by the other director, and that I had been in the program for over a year, he said I only had to redo two of them.

From November to December of 2016, I worked on it and the second director was telling me that everything was looking good and he would have somebody from career services reach out to me. All through January, 2017 I was getting this promise until one day I told him that I was tired of being strung along and either I would have contact with career services or get a refund of my tuition. Finally, I was put in contact with career services and started what was supposed to be six months of career placement assistance.

She bailed after two months telling me that she would have to seek approval for more sessions with me. The problem with that was when I signed up, at this point, 18 months prior, I was given a promise of six full months of career placement assistance. Understandably, I was rather confused as to why she would only work with me for two months.

I worked my tail off each day while I was taking my courses, coming home from a full-time job and putting in several hours in the evening, and several more Saturday and Sunday as well. I did what they asked of me and trusted them when they said I was ready to graduate and my portfolio was good enough to go. Now, I’m stuck in limbo, not having the promised career placement help, and they aren’t responding to my emails. If I had to do this all over again, I would have chosen somebody else such as the Odin Project, where they don’t charge tuition until after you get a job, or even Free Code Camp.

Thinkful broke every promise they made to me. Every single one. I truly regret going through this bootcamp.