Google Has a 360° View Of Your (Digital) Life
Stéphane Hamel

I’m surprised nobody has an opinion.

The social piece will come, Google bought Wildfire back in 2012 and it’s usually a good few years before they integrate solutions into their stack. Look how long it took them to get Doubleclick off the ground.

I’m sure Google always would prefer to handle the relationships with enterprise clients themselves. GACP’s have been a necessarily “evil” to Google, in much the same was as ad agencies were back in the day before Nikesh Arora did away with the agency discount, to level the playing field for all advertisers.

For now it looks like a rebadge for a lot of the old products, I expect in time there will not be the option to pick and choose which bits matter the most.

Enterprise tag management companies probably are the ones that might be worried the most. I think this is a precursor to a long overdue upgrade to the free (and great) GTM product we all know and love.

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