Changes Our President Should Make

(Work in progress)

What do you think?

  1. Make lobbying illegal.
  2. Replace federal income tax with equivalent federal sales tax increase. Different classes of products and services would be taxed at different rates and some would be exempt. Examples : Food bought for personal or family consumption, medicine or medical services, etc. would be tax exempt. Items such as tobacco products or alcoholic beverages would have a much higher tax. Luxury(exact value TBD) items such as private planes, luxury yachts, and luxury cars, luxury homes etc. would carry an additional luxury tax. As would all the functions of the federal government, Social Security and Medicare would be funded from the federal sales tax.
  3. Reduce by 75% corporate sales taxes paid by those companies that employ only U.S. citizens. Further reduce corporate sales tax by 25% for those companies that source 100% of components or services from USA companies. Give favorable tariff treatment to the product made by those foreign companies that source 100% of the materials/components used to manufacture said product.
  4. Stock Market securities, bonds, treasury notes, etc. transactions will be taxed on an upward sliding scale based on the number of transactions as well as the amount of each transaction. This is intended to limit computer programmed trading that leads to flash crashes and gives an unfair advantage over the many who cannot afford the massive equipment required.
  5. Since most the IRS staff will no longer be needed to process income based tax returns, retrain them to monitor for and prosecute Social Security, Medicare and Welfare fraud.
  6. Establish federal funding of presidential campaigns and make ANY other contributions illegal. Funding would cover 3 elimination primaries. The first two eliminations would cut the field of candidates by 50%, and the last elimination results in the final candidate for that Party. The funding amount would increase for each subsequent elimination round. Funding amounts TBD. Maximum of three parties(?). Each candidate must have a petition to run for President with 100K signatures.
  7. If FICA is not replaced with a federal sales tax, then remove the cap on income that stops contributions to Social Security and Medicare.
  8. Means test Social Security eligibility. Annual income for married couples must be less than $150K and less than $75K for single incomes to qualify .
  9. All persons applying for U.S. immigration must pass a background investigation for no past criminal activity in any country, or association with a terrorist group.
  10. Following their incarceration, deport all immigrants who are or have been convicted of a felony regardless of citizenship status.
  11. Make employing or harboring illegal immigrants a federal felony punishable by a minimum 5 years prison sentence without parole and $10K fine per immigrant involved.
  12. Support gun rights, but with background checks for a criminal record or history of mental illness. Make a limit on magazine capacity, and a requirement that the barrels of all privately owned, fully-automatic weapons must be irreparably plugged. Make possession of any firearm by someone previously convicted of a felony illegal by federal law.
  13. Create federal colleges with curriculums that teach only the sciences. These colleges would be staffed with top notch professors and be state-of-the-art equipped. Admission would be allowed only to U. S. born citizens granted a federal scholarship. The scholarship would commit the recipient to 6 years of federal employment in a department which uses the studied discipline. Summers would be spent on internships within one of the same departments.
  14. Implement popular vote for President.
  15. Allow citizen propositions during the national election if they have >1M signatures on a proposition petition.
  16. Bills presented to Congress must be limited to one line item.
  17. Do away with filibustering.
  18. Same as the President, limit the number of terms to two for both houses of Congress. Remove the lifetime benefits for ex members of Congress.
  19. Push for an amendment to the constitution where each Senator has as many votes to cast for or against a bill, motion, appointment, etc. as equals half their state’s population. A House Representative will have votes equal to their state population divided by the number of Representatives allowed for their state. For example: if Texas had a population of 30 million then each Senator would be able to cast 15 million votes for or against anything before the Senate. Since there are 36 Texas Representatives in the House each could cast 833,333 (30M/36) votes for or against anything before the House. This way, each member of Congress has votes that accurately reflects their state’s current population.
  20. Require a government issued photo ID to cast a vote for President.
  21. Withhold all federal funding to any state that allows sanctuary cities.
  22. Make it law that any person wishing to run for President must submit the past 5 years of tax returns and divulge all holdings in any business either national or international.
  23. Make it law that all President-Elects must put all of their holdings in a blind trust.