Jason Bourne (2016) Review

Paul Greengrass does it again.

So, the other week a friend and I journeyed to Cineworld (other cinema chains are available) to see the fifth film in the Jason Bourne series. After absolutely adoring the previous films (yes, including the Jeremy Renner lead The Bourne Legacy) Jason Bourne was an easy film to get into, however, if you haven’t seen the first three films in a while then you really should before seeing this one!

Matt Damon was as astonishing as always when portraying Bourne, even if he hadn’t played the role in nine or more years. Alicia Vikkander was a godsend as always, insanely apparent with her acting as she is in all her films.

See the trailer above — as you can see, it’s gripping AF.

Here’s a snippet of a review from The Guardian critic Peter Bradshaw; ‘Paul Greengrass and his star have upped the tech and chucked in references to Snowden, but it’s basic Bourne that remains most persuasive.’

To Conclude

I’d definitely watch this Bourne film over and over, much like I would the other four.

7 out of 10

Stay hydrated,

James Bingham