My Scientology Movie (2015) Review

Fantastic Theroux out.

So last week, myself and some friends went to Cineworld High Wycombe (other cinema chains / cinemas and towns are available), to see a live streamed Q&A post My Scientology Movie screening. It was fab.

Here’s the trailer: — My Scientology Movie Trailer (from altitude films)

Louis Theroux’s latest documentary isn’t like his previous majority. Yes, it has his awkward banter and the classic cinematographic style that we all hold dear, but it just doesn’t really have an ending.

Unlike other Theroux docs (this one being directed by John Dower) this is 1. a film and 2. doesn’t have interviews with anyone currently involved within the topic; which in this case is The Church of Scientology.

Here’s an interview from Australia’s Channel 9 Today Show Extra: (Louis chats to the presenters about the context of the film as well as the film itself.) — Today Extra (from redeyehours on YouTube)

All in all it was a very intelligent and engaging film, which through up facts and figures like a mathematical leaf blower. However as previously mentioned, it lacked that critical interview that the viewer expects from a Theroux piece. I can’t say this too negatively though as it’s pretty apparent that The Church of Scientology never wanted to speak to Louis, John Dower or the rest of the crew.

To Conclude

I’d watch it again simply because it’s Louis Theroux and he’s a god, however the fact that it feels unfinished will always be in the back of my mind.

7.5 out of 10

Stay hydrated,

James Bingham