My Rules for a Startup

This is an evolving list I made for myself, it is by no means complete, I will keep adding to it as time passes I’m sure. Enjoy. Someday I may elaborate on each point in more detail….

The business idea…

  1. Must be easy to explain & understand
  2. Must solve a significant, proven pain point
  3. Must have a large market ( to grow up to $10M+ a year)
  4. Must be in a growing industry (ride the wave)
  5. Target customers must have money (not broke)
  6. Potential customers must be easy to target
  7. Must be automatable
  8. Must be a recurring revenue model



Jim Borzilleri

I'm passionate about technology, mentoring startups, and capital creation. Serial entrepreneur and founder of CrowdEngine, Fundme, OMINEX, and more.