Go ahead — throw away your vote

Your 3rd party vote does much more than ease your conscience. Your vote sends a message.

When you vote for a person or party you don’t believe in — all they know is that you’ve cast your support behind them. They consider your vote a mandate — a mandate to do whatever it is on their agenda. You just gave them consent to send your sons and daughters to war, to spend your money to preserve their power and put us even further in debt.

When you vote 3rd party you send a message that they need to look at alternatives. When enough people do this, it sends a strong message. This is why candidates like Ralph Nader, Ross Perot and Ron Paul helped shaped policy — even though they lost.

The media likes to call elections like sporting events. That is, there is a winner and everyone else. In politics, this is simply NOT the case.

In elections, 10%, 5%, sometimes even 1% can determine a race. When the establishment sees these percentages of voters committing to a 3rd party, they get worried. They have meetings. They start to adjust their platform so the “other side” won’t get those votes.

Those of us committed to 3rd parties really don’t see it that way. We do stand on principle. We know we represent a large and growing number of people. We know that if the game were really played fairly — that is the election reflected the will of the people without the big money, the media spin and the pandering, that there would be no “3rd party” status. There would be 3 or more competing viewpoints shaping policy and truly deliberating issues.

Sadly, that’s not what we have. We have a duopoly — and they’ll do anything they can to preserve it.

So —

Your choice really is clear. You can submit to the major parties and the media puppets who say your vote doesn’t count — that you’re just a spoiler. You can let them count your vote as validation for their destructive policies.

Or —

You can make your voice heard, loud and clear — that there is constructive dissent, there is an option, and that they had better pay attention.

That’s how you make your vote count.

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