Introducing Subtle Medical

I have spent the last few years searching for the best opportunities at the crossroads of AI and healthcare. Today I am thrilled to announce that Breyer Capital has made another investment in the space: Subtle Medical.

Subtle Medical is a medical imaging software company that uses AI to enhance medical imaging quality, thereby improving clinical imaging workflow and productivity. Their deep-learning-based software solution integrated into clinical workflow improves the quality, value, and accessibility of medical imaging by significantly reducing cost, imaging time, and radiation/contrast dose. Many companies in the radiology + AI space focus on automating image interpretation. Subtle takes a different, and I would argue much more compelling, approach. They use deep learning to target image reconstruction, workflow, and quality, since the vast majority of imaging costs are associated with these technical aspects, rather than with interpretation.

Watch Subtle Medical’s NVIDIA GTC 2018 Pitch (00:00–13:23)

The best investments I’ve made in my career have been in stellar teams, not just stellar projects, and I am excited to be backing another brilliant team. Subtle Medical was founded by Greg Zaharchuk, MD PhD, a renowned radiologist and professor at Stanford and Enhao Gong, Stanford EE PhD, an expert in deep learning and medical image reconstruction. Subtle also has an outstanding team of imaging scientists, radiologists, and AI experts from Stanford, Caltech, WashU, and Tsinghua University, pioneers in AI medical imaging technology.

The Subtle Medical team receiving the Inception Award for best AI start up at NVIDIA GTC 2018

We are thrilled to be co-investing alongside Bessemer Venture Partners and I look forward to working with Stephen Kraus, Adam Fisher, andrew hedin, and Morgan Cheatham. Stay tuned, I am confident that Subtle Medical will do incredible things.