I am Found

Sometimes the best thing to do is, well…nothing. The best response to a dare or a second helping may well be, “No thank you.” Commencement speakers advise young graduates to,

“Follow your dreams, you can do anything if you put your mind to it.”

“Not so fast.” Often times the best idea is not to charge forward but to slow down, yes, slow down and take stock. Like the man in the Hindu story who sat for years on a wooden box and bemoaned his fate while begging in the streets, only to find out that the gold he craved for lay in the box all along.

Doing is not necessarily achieving, striving is not necessarily the path to victory or, for that matter, happiness or fulfillment. Clicking her heels together and wishing to be transported home after her trek down the Yellow Brick Road, Dorothy discovered that she was still Kansas after all. She had never left home. The pot of gold was not at the end of the rainbow, or over it the rainbow for that matter, it was there at the beginning all along, it was at home.

Rodney Yee is a yoga instructor for Gaiam Yoga and starts his yoga session for beginners by saying,

“Observe and accept your body-mind and your environment. This will help you begin every day with openness and peace.”

This is sage advice. Slow down, exhale, free your mind, create space.

In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu says,

“A room is made from four walls, but its usefulness lies in the space between. Matter is necessary to give form, but the value of reality lies in its immateriality.”

The transcendentalists found divinity in nature. The value of nature is in the open space where the birds soar, the fish swim and the animals run.

When I Run

When I run I slow down and breath softly,

I listen and I feel the space around me.

Into the emptiness of the exhale the inhale is drawn,

It is fresh and new and it is calming.

Each stride is a gentle push,

Each footfall presses the earth,

There is a scratch of gravel and a puff of dust.

The breath, the heart beat, the footsteps are one,

Like the drumbeats of the ancients.

I am lost, suspended in time,

I am running in space, I am running in emptiness,

I am running everywhere, I am running nowhere,

I am at the beginning, I am at the end,

I am found.