Agreed, sometime people need to say, “Yes, I know what I’ve said is offensive to you, but that is…
Steven Anderson

Offense, too, is a two way street.

What people in one bubble see as basic etiquette and politeness, can come across to people in the other bubble as nitpicking and elitist, similar to an obnoxious, condescending internet grammar nazi.

There is a fine line between facilitating the flow of ideas by avoiding needlessly inflammatory speech and blocking the flow of ideas by censuring and censoring speech that might make you uncomfortable or that you don’t like.

I see a troubling trend mostly on the left, but to a certain degree on the right, to make policy disagreements into character deficiencies. A person is not just wrong for disagreeing with the party line, but is greedy, bigoted, and immoral. (The right wing version is that they are a traitor.) The real danger, as we are seeing, is that the left has cried “wolf” so many times that they have no words left to use when someone does have serious character deficiencies. If you call the centrist former governor of Massachusetts and family man a greedy, woman-hating bigot, then how do you describe someone like Trump?