I am not arguing that you should not ‘vote your conscience.’ I am arguing that your conscience should compel you to use your vote as effectively as possible to defeat the unprecedented fascist threat before us.
We want a political revolution. First we must defeat fascism.
Jonathan M Smucker

Thank you for getting to the heart of what is at stake in this election. Most of my fellow progressive friends who say they ‘won’t vote for Hillary’ (for one reason or another) frankly haven’t experienced as full of a dosage of the cocktail of oppression that I have in my lifetime. As a Gay, African-American, career non-profit arts professional (‘elitist’ by profession I suppose, but decidedly not by income bracket), I exist in three of the communities that would be most ‘at-risk’ should Trump and his ilk be elected. But this year… it’s not simply ‘two awful choices’ at hand. The repercussions (for human rights, the environment, civil rights…) could literally be catastrophic should we allow Trump to win. And that’s just what it would be: us allowing him to win. I keep thinking what if my for-bearers in 1960 had said: “Oh, I can’t vote for JFK: I hear he’s a womanizer… parties in Hollywood with The Rat Pack! I hear he’s hooked on pain pills: I’m voting for Nixon (or not vote at all)”! What would have happened…??!!). In our current circumstance, holding the line against fascism isn’t the status quo: rather, preventing its rise IS the most progressive act one can make. I can’t wait to vote for Hillary: not because I love her, but because the alternative is unthinkable and must not occur. THANK YOU for the most articulate breakdown of this issue that I’ve yet to see. I’ve been sharing this article with everyone I know.