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Meh. Path of least resistance they take. They waste their beauty, party hearty and one day they wake up and realize the phone ain’t ringing anymore. Linh Dinh over at Unz did an article on “Katy” that really tells the tale of the outcomes. If it’s ok, to post, it’s here: Tragic and it’s the story of millions of women with no family and no hope at the end of the Party Days. In the end, The Wall says to them, “You’re Done”.

Seriously, what decent guy in his right mind wants a woman in her thirties that has been on toxic hormonal birth control for 20 years, has likely had a couple of abortions, for sure (hopefully anyway) she has been treated for several STDs and may or may not be harboring HPV, Hepatitis, HIV and the rest? Along the way, she drinks, probably does coke and weed, doesn’t take care of herself (she’s chubby, in her dildo-worshiping pics, check out the maroon moo-moo and filled-in clavicles). There’s a price to pay for all this, it isn’t zero-sum. Ok, ok, so the fathers are driven away. Don’t the Mothers look at the landscape and tell their daughters what’s what? Jesus, what a mess. And really, there’s no reversing it.

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