Introducing James Lacey

Located near Westlake Village, James Lacey has had a long and prosperous career as an expert in all components of the consumer goods industry, particularly consumer packaged goods and healthy supplements. He has worked alongside numerous prominent local and international companies, utilizing his skill in sales, marketing and advertising, and production and revamping existing products into market forerunners. Jim has also had many years of experience establishing his very own companies as an entrepreneur (Healthy Ventures, LLC as well as founded Crunchies Natural Food Company), functioning as a business expert and as a well known snack food developer.

Jim Lacey’s Crunchies venture has definitely been his largest achievement. The Westlake Village, California-based company rose from humble origins only to become an industry dominator with his top-knotch leadership. Crunchies opened as a very small office-based operation in 2005. By 2014, the business was the top freeze-dried packaged snack food business across the world, as cited by Nielson Research. Crunchies had obtained distribution in numerous consumer channels such as mass convenience stores, drug retailers, club stores, natural food stores, the military, all-natural suppliers, and independent natural food stores. Crunchies grew its product offerings to 32 different vegetable and fruit snacks and operated a 17,000 sq foot manufacturing and distribution facility in Thousand Oaks, California. Amongst his numerous positions as the firm’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, James supervised day-to-day business operations and created sales and advertising solutions to increase company earnings and profits. With the experience he gained at various global snack and nutritional companies, he was able to tackle contract negotiations, vendor sourcing, and licensing/trademark sychronisation. Jim ultimately sold off the business in 2015.

Jim Lacey, Westlake Village small business owner and triumphant industry leader, got his schooling at California Polytechnic University in the city of San Luis Obispo. He received an Undergraduate’s degree at the University in 1981. In his university studies, he emphasized business management, with a concentration in business marketing. This academic training and education helped prep him for the day-to-day difficulties he was bound to deal with all throughout his career.