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The German Nutrition Society has said a vegan lifestyle does not provide adequate nutrients to the body. (iStock)

Germany, the land of beer gardens, schnitzel and sausages has declared the vegan diets as not healthy and lacking in nutrition.

Commercially farmed foods, animal cruelty and a basic quest to be healthy have converted millions of carnivores– and a slew of celebs-– worldwide to join the vegan movement. The plant based diet has skyrocketed in Europe with Germanys capital leading the way. …

Barnes & Noble Inc. has a plan to enliven the slumping bookstore chain: adding restaurants that serve beer and wine.

On Thursday, the company appointed Chief Operating Officer Jaime Carey to the head of a newly created restaurant group, and discussed plans to open four new concept stores with eateries attached. The idea is to build on Barnes & Nobles push into other non-book areas, such as the sale of toys, gifts and vinyl records.

Facing mounting competition from Inc., Barnes & Noble is seeking more creative ways to get customers in the door. …

Shortages prompt islands main brewer to consider opening a new plant and importing beer from outside the country to keep pace with growing demand

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The ubiquitous fridges that dispense beer in Cubas bars, cafes and petrol stations are running out of the islands favourite Cristal and Bucanero brands as a surge in American tourists and the proliferation of new private watering holes put the nations main brewery under strain.

Brewer Bucanero needs a new plant to keep pace with demand from tourists and a burgeoning private restaurant sector that competes with state-run outlets for supplies, Mayle Gonzalez, a sales executive at the company, said on Saturday.. …

One of the most famous military campaigns of all time is the crossing of the Alps by Hannibal more than 2,200 years ago. The bold Carthaginian general led infantry, cavalry, and 37 elephants across the Italian mountains to face off againstthe Romans. And now, thanks to science, we know which way he chose to cross.

An international team of researchers has discovered a mass animal deposit located near the Colde laTraversette, a pass about 3,000 meters (9,840feet) above the sea level. The scientists were able to date the deposit to 218 BCE thanks to an environmental analysis of the soil.

The team has studied this area since 2011 as a potential place where the Carthaginian army might have rested. …

I’ve worked in the home improvement industry for over a decade, and as a result of that, I will never own my own house. I know people who seem to manage it just fine, and some who even thoroughly enjoy it. Maybe you’re one of them and are laughing at me right now. It’s just that there are so many abject terrors a house of your own can casually cast on you. I’ve seen too many folks left with their asses hanging in the breeze. So whether you’re planning to build a house or scoff at the very idea, at least do yourself a favor and read this. …

The younger brother of Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Motors, shares his same entrepreneurial spirit, but with a family of restaurants and a nonprofit to bring learning gardens to schools around the country

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It can be tricky for anyone being the younger sibling, but imagine what it must be like to be the younger brother of Elon Musk, a businessman habitually referred to as a real life Tony Stark.

His reputation seems to get more outsized with each fresh headline. Just this week, the elder Musks company SpaceX filed paperwork asking for permission to use satellites to beam down Internet service from space. Meanwhile, his other high-profile company, Tesla, continues to make advances toward its ambition to make electric cars more ubiquitous. …


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