Bring me…

Bring me…
Bring me the broken hearted, the wounded and wandering ones.
The ones that feel dirty, afraid and not enough.

Those hearts.
The aching ones.
The lonely and rejected.

To heal them?

To sit with them, to cry their tears and bleed those wounds.
To face the sneakiest of demons and most consuming darkness.

There the healing awaits.

I yearn.
I plead.

I have been there too.
I have been them as well.

I am them.
Yet I am only me.

The aching hearts, the weary eyes, the doubting souls...
Let them come.

To burn in the pyres, the pain of those pasts that are long gone.

To dance around graveyards of what could no longer stand and what had to die young.
To renew and reborn from ashes, as what we are called to be.

Fertile lava, wise from the fires, rich from Earth’s singing choirs.
No stone left unturned.
Blessed transmutation stones.

Obsidian phoenix, with a heart of gold, ready to rise from the old.

I have tried to harden myself
To turn into blades of stone.
And I have failed.
And flaked miserably.

So today.
Could you please?
Bring forth what hurts?
What was left in the dark to rot?
Because it was to much for those around to cope...

Could you?
Allow me to tame those demons until they sit and sing atune to love songs from Lennon?

Yes, all you need is love.
Let me bring it forth.

To every corner, peak and stone.

Because I tried to be hard as fuck.
But I can only keep myself alive when I am soft.
And in softness I come forth.
With all the love I am capable of.

So yes.
Oh, yes please.
Bring me the tired ones, the scared too…
The heartbroken and deeply sullen.

Because I have been them too.
I have been there too.

Because I feel for you.
So loud and deeply.

I have been bleeding for you.
Silently and madly so.

You are not alone.
I would shout my lungs out, display my heart all over, show my soul to all the lovers…
Just to let you know, even for a moment that you are not alone.

I swear, you are not alone.
I stand by your side.
I have done so for so long.

Even when I tried to make myself invisible and those times when I tried so hard to fit in.
I was there with you, fighting the battles for two.

Even as I danced in masquerades, hiding myself behind red tents.
I was there with you, in every breath and every sense.

The ones that feel dirty, afraid and not enough.

Those hearts.
The aching ones.
The lonely and rejected.
Come forth…
Allow the light to shine through.
Allow my hand to guide you.

I have been wandering too.
Praying for you too.

I have been you.
That's why…
I scream with all my heart, tears rimming at my eyes, disheveled hair and eager soul…
Wanting to let you know, that you are not alone.

Allow me in.
Let me be here.

A gatekeeper, to hold this sacred space for you, a safe space for your transmutation to happen.

In love.
In service.
In spirit.

Allow me.
I have always been here for you.
With you.
As another you.

Ready to embrace you.
The whole of you.
The aching parts and the dullest of sides.
The straining ones and the loudest of cries.

Allow me, to love the whole of you.
Because you are ready.

We'll transform the scariest things into the merriest of springs.
I promise.

I am here with you.
Because I have been there too.

Will you allow me to?
To come in.
To sit down with you?

To plant in you the brightest of joys.
To chant for you.
And let the rain wash away those past days.

To rant with you until there's nothing but songs in our lungs?

Will you allow me..
To come in and rise with you?
To show you how much love I have been carrying around for you?
And let you know that I walk by your side?

Allow me…
As you have been there for me so many times before.

Thank you for being here.
With me.
As another me.

I love you.
Namaste babe;)