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This is Propaganda at it’s finest. Dishonest & in many cases, outright lies. The lie to this can be proven by ANY pre-1948 Newspaper. The pre-1948 word “Palestinian” referred strictly & ONLY to the Jewish inhabitants of the British Mandate of Palestine. The word “Palestinian” completely disappeared from the lexicon from 1948 until the very late ‘60’s when Yasser Arafat appropriated it as a rallying cry for his followers. Until then, todays “Palestinians” insisted they were simply to be called Arab’s. This is unequivocal FACT! At the time of Jesus, if one lived in the area presently known as Israel one was either a Jew or a Roman. Anybody who wasn’t a Jew or a Roman was a visitor to the land … not a resident. The Jewish roots in this land of Israel are uninterrupted for 3,500 years. The Jews, by any legitimate version of History, are the sole & only Indigenous Peoples of that land.

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