14 ideas for what to say when a job interviewer asks “any questions for me?”
Marc Cenedella

I’m currently on the interview circuit, and variants on #2 (“what do you want to see this position accomplish?”) have been my go-to questions to ask. It can reveal a lot of what’s hoped and needed, especially when interviewing with people who aren’t your future manager. That said, I was in a Skype interview recently and asked a version of that question.

“Huh,” the interviewer said, “I’ve heard that question from a lot of of candidates lately. Must be the new thing.”

I laughed and shook it off, but attached a little red flag in my mind. Good questions are important to ask — and this is definitely a good one — but you don’t want to appear like you’re falling back on a set list from the latest “how to interview” book…

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