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Many millions of law-abiding U.S. citizens have been eagerly waiting for our nation’s judiciary leaders to criminally indict these derelict mayors and governors.

Our country’s heralded stature as “a nation of laws” can only be meaningful if we actually enforce our laws. To categorize illegal aliens as a 
protected species exempt from the rule of law renders all laws meaningless and relegates our society to the anarchy of “mob rule.” The “mob” in this case would be the millions of illegal aliens currently occupying US territory in blatant defiance of US immigration laws.

Repatriation of all illegal aliens back to their homelands is necessary to preserve our country’s reputation as a civilized society. Anything less will only send the message that we are a nation governed at the whim of anyone who wants to defy our laws at any given moment.

By the way, illegal alien families need not “separate themselves.” They can be returned to their homelands together. Furthermore, the US “separates” families every day, every time it jails or imprisons an American citizen who commits a crime.

The fanatical supporters of illegal alien amnesty, who constantly whine that deportation would “separate” families, should consider setting free all jailed US citizens as well…just so we don’t “separate” their families, either. That would only be fair, albeit as irresponsible as not deporting those who are not lawfully in our country.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, The Minuteman Project

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