Burn Notice on the Prairie 

Unemployment Parody 

  • Jim Gray: “My name is Jim Gray. I used to be employed. Until…”
  • -[Phone Rings] Unidentified human resources employee voice on phone: “We’ve got to make some cut-backs. You’re laid-off.”
  • Jim Gray: “When you’re unemployed, you’ve got nothing. No paycheck, no medical insurance. You’re stuck in whatever city they relocated you to.”
  • Jim Gray: “Where am I?”
  • Sharon Gray: “Falcon, CO, on the prairie.”
  • Jim Gray: “You do whatever freelance work comes your way. You rely on anyone who’s still talking to you. Your wife…”
  • Sharon Gray: “I love you…How are we going to pay the bills?”
  • Jim Gray: “An 80 year old friend of the family who broke his neck rollerskating at your daughter’s 15th birthday”
  • Uncle Bill: “I said to my self, “Self, you’re too small to be outside alone.”
  • Jim Gray: “Family, too…”
  • Kids: “Hey Dad, we have Boy Scouts, Youth Group, Debate Club, Soccer, Graduation, College, Cars…can we get a ride?”
  • Jim Gray: “Bottom line…Until you find a new job or find a way to pay all the bills… you’re not going anywhere.”