Block him. Block the White House account too. Let the rest of us tweet freely.
How Twitter Amplifies Authoritarianism
Jason Ditzian

This is not a suggested action to be taken lightly. The very “war” on the press this President has declared is all about abridging only the press that holds him accountable to his words and actions. To call for the same action on Twitter is no better. The 1st Amendment is a bitter but necessary pill to swallow. We cannot expect to be able to speak freely ourselves while simultaneously calling for others we to be censored. I agree that the worst hate speech should be suppressed through legal means. The challenge is how to draw that line. As reprehensible as I find this President’s tweets to be, I am profoundly uncomfortable with censoring him on Twitter (or anywhere else, for that matter).

As for this President’s choice of words: He will find a way to say whatever he wants and I want to know what he is saying. World leaders should be held accountable for both their actions and their words because their words alone can stabilize or destabilize the world. This President will continue to speak to his base and many will continue to follow him with enthusiasm, regardless of whether or not others who find his speech reprehensible tune him out. His supporters will not challenge him on it. If others do not challenge him on what he says, he will have free reign to say anything to achieve an end — a dangerous political climate indeed. Twitter pressed forward with their application and let the genie of worldwide instantaneous communication out of the bottle. World leaders are now using it as “shoot from the hip” diplomacy. Calling for censorship will only exacerbate the damage, not mitigate it. We must now more than ever hold all politicians accountable for what they say, especially on platforms like Twitter which spread worldwide before ever being challenged.

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