The state of our infrastructure is an emergency — and an opportunity.
Hillary Clinton

THAT DAMN TRUMP WALL IDEA-I want everyone to take a time out. Think, how high will this wall be, how wide and how thick? How many thousands of people will it take to build? How many of those people will die or be injured during the construction? How much money will it cost? How many years will it take? It is quite probable that Trump will not be President anymore before the wall is finished. Now on environmental impact: it is quite possible that the wall will severely impact the flight patterns and migration of birds. Other animals may be trapped. Flooding at some parts may be devastating if a hurricane were to impact that area of the wall. Even temperatures could rise during the summer because of blocked air flow from the north or south. Will it really be effective in keeping the enemy out? I have great doubt that it will keep the enemy out because you could swim or boat or fly over it in a plane, also our authorities are corrupt so that anyone with enough money can pay someone off to get in, just like what happens now.

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