Why I got 75 rejections from Google.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

I’d say many jobs don’t really come down to skills in my experience. I’ve worked with people that were *woefully unprepared for even the basic tasks of a particular position. But they knew someone. Or they knew someone who knew someone. Most jobs are filled not by the old classified ads or new job websites. Not by headhunters either. But by personal referrals. Absolutely, skills count…you either know HTML or Adobe or corporate accounting or whatever, or you don’t. But they’re only one smaller part in many cases.

Also, you had a “keen love for music and performance” and spent your days trying to make it as a record producer but failed? You get one life, and THAT’S what matters…things you truly care about. When your time is finally up, you won’t give a rip about Google (or any of those companies!) Not to say you shouldn’t have moved on… But you’ll probably find that your “failure” at doing something you loved will actually be what mattered the most — not the least.

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