Ahead of the Paris climate summit I want to write a few thoughts about my own perceptions of where…
John Cowen

Hey John, lots of valid points. I think much of this is also tied to our motivations and goals as humans that perhaps we are starting to now see differently.

Everything from education through to the 40-hour work week etc are inherited values that generally value constant growth above everything else. These come from a time before we lived in abundance. Hey, many westerners know more about property prices than how to cook/eat nutritious food!

But I am an optimist. I think you have to go beyond governments nowadays as there are too many lobbyists and voter-farming policies.

We can be excited by projects like B-Corp, growth of energy companies like Ecotricity in the UK, more focus on CSR amongst many other initiative. I think too though the most important factor is there is now a generation of people that will be directly affected. People from my experience to date generally don’t like changing habits without it being easy. That’s where companies come in and governments fall way behind!

You may be interested in reading this recent interview in The Atlantic with Bill Gates discussing climate change.

Maybe Singularity University will surprise us all with a solution next year!

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