Travelling with young kids doesn’t have to be such a nightmare

If there is one thing you can instil in your kids, let it be the sense of family and the hunger for adventure.

Last year we decided to sell our house, pack our belongings into storage and embark on an epic three month European holiday. On our trip we took our daughter who turned three a week before departing. Whilst all our conservative friends and family predicted a disaster of epic proportions, the holiday was absolutely amazing.

The success of the holiday was largely due to good planning and give and take. Most people suggested a 3 year old would not remember such a holiday. I can tell you, they remember everything. We constantly get reminders of climbing the Eiffel Tower, visiting the Pompidou, eating ice cream in Berlin and more.

So travel lots with young kids, they will thank you for it later.

Top 5 tips

1. Stay in an city for a good length of time in an AirBnb apartment/house

2. Live like a local. Try to speak, shop, travel and dress like a local

3. Don’t do something ever single day. Pick days to relax, hit up a local cafe and/or playground

4. On days when visiting a tourist site, mix it up with some kid downtime at a park or ice cream

5. Take things to entertain the kids around the apartment/house. Colouring in books, pencils and other familiar activities. Do these often or as much as the child desires.

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