New MacBook Pro is Not a Laptop for Developers — Part 2, The Solutions
Alexey Semeney

I tried both new Macbook Pro with physical function keys as well bigger model with Touch Bar. As a cross-platfrom developer I work with multiple IDEs at any given time. I usually have VS, VS Code and Sublime open all the time. For me most import parts any keyboards are functions keys, Esc Key and Arrow keys. I could live with a virtual Esc key and Virtual Function keys but new Macbook Pro’s Arrow keys are terrible. They are squeeze together leaving you very little room for error. Most of the time i was hitting shift when i thought i was hitting the UP key. I tried for almost one week to try to get use to the new Cursor Keys but It slowed me down significantly. Second thing i did not like about the New Macbook Pro keyboard is that is not meant to be used for extended period of time. It is hard and hits back at your fingers. My fingers were hurting after an extended coding session and I only did 40% of my work done because of slowdown caused by cursor keys.

Needless to say I returned both and bought a 2015 Macbook Pro. 2015 Model is light years ahead of 2016 model in terms of productivity. I am still trying to figure out a way to get rid of $200 worth of dongles i bought with the 2016 model. Also another thing, I could not get any of my wireless (not bluetooth) keyboard and mouse to work smoothly over a USB hub connected to Macbook Pro USB-C ports.

I agree, 2016 model is not for developers.

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