How to add backlinks via Web 2.0

Web 2.0 websites are a new way of adding backlinks, primarily the reason is that they have a lot of user generated content.

In Web 2.0 websites content is dynamically generated, rather than a bunch of moderators, users have the authority to add links and content, although there are certain restrictions on links to avoid spam, most sites have a way to add links. The PR9 sites are well known, like, and like sites, where adding a link is not as easy but very very valuable. These links are almost guaranteed to get indexed and often gives you traffic.

Lower PR sites are still too valuable, and gives you a bunch of links, the awesomeness of web 2.0 links is the ability to generate traffic if your content is liked. Reddit and twitter are 2 web 2.0 social media, if your link somehow goes viral, traffic might be endless.

How to add?

Well different sites have different ways but most of them are making an account and sharing content, adding links along with content. Most of these sites give you the ability to sign up quickly using popular social network accounts and avoid registering to every single new website.

Things you must remember are

  1. Avoid spamming — All sites have some kind of mechanism to prevent spam, if you go overboard in making links and try to achive results too soon, all you end up is spamming a site and getting yourself and your link banned.
  2. Look for traffic not just no of links- Your backlinks are valuable if they receive traffic, a PR 3 link is better than PR9 if you get more traffic from PR3 link, search engines will rank a site better which generates traffic from backlinks and organic sources.
  3. Add links to only relevant topics- Add your link in a page or post which is related to your website topic, failing to do this will leave the link invaluable or worse have a negative effect on SEO.
  4. Share content and links on social media for people to see, WEB 2.0 sites often rank links and shows links liked by more people more often.

Here is a list of Web 2.0 sites add links to them and see your website rank better