Stop Telling Me to “Vote Hillary or Else”

I am a Bernie Sanders guy. I agree with allot of what he is saying, not all, but allot. I find him to be honest with a record I can see his ideal reflected in. Now, I am behind the Senator until the bitter end and I think he should go until he wins or loses at the convention. Now I won’t get into the politics, I’m not here to convince you to support Bernie. I am here to help you convince Bernie supporters to support Hillary, should she win.

First, stop telling me to “vote for Hillary or else we get Trump!” This will win some people, but this will only double down those who are looking beyond the looming shadow world of Trump. This is saying that we should set aside our values and ideals and just vote for A to stop B, regardless of A’s positions, policies and record, because B would just be even worse. It’s not the approach that will win over the growing number of voters thinking Bernie or Bust.

I have had many people try to bring me over the the Clinton camp, if Bernie fails to get the nomination, and none of those people used her campaign plans, no one said support her because she beleive in x, y and z. It’s always some form of ‘Hillary or get Trump’. It’s always the argument of extortion. And many voters are saying they will no longer let their vote be extorted. They will vote who they deem to be right for America, not the lesser if two evils.

So if you want to convert Bernie or Bust, then you should start brushing up on HRC history and policies, because the BoB crowd has, and it’s why many of them are BoB to start with. If you can’t win a vote based on the candidates positions and record then that person is 100% right to not vote for that candidate, be it Bernie, Clinton, Johnson, Stein or Trump. If your reason for voting for a candidate stands on the foundation of “it’s better than so and so” then you should really examine your decision making process. Give us a reason, not a threat.

Until then all I can do is apologize for those writing in Bernie’s name instead of voting third party, but I respect their resolve, and if they in fact don’t find any 3rd party candidates that line up with their ideals; then I support their choice to write him in.

Say it out loud, “I’m voting for Hillary because she is better than Trump.” and think about what democracy means for a while. If you can make the two fit together then great, cast your vote, but I can’t, and neither can a large number of others.

I’ll vote, and I’ll probably vote Green if Bernie doesn’t make it. At least I can say I utilized my vote and did with it what I thought was best by my own values, not robbed from be with the Trump gun.

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