BYU Has a Rape Problem
Joshua Dunn

I’m a little bit surprised that this is an issue on this campus. Mormons are pretty well known for their self sufficiency and long term planning to overcome hardship and obstacles. The solution here should be self evident.

I think the state legislature already addressed this by statute. They passed

(I think) laws allowing the carrying of concealed weapons on campus. Gun free zones are magnets for criminals seeking easy prey. The Department of Justice issued a report that said that in recent years, there were about 650,000 attacks against “victims” armed with a handgun. Of those, about 6500 were carried through to completion. That’s about 1%. So turn it around: In 99% of cases where a potential victim is armed with a handgun (ONLY a handgun — the stats don’t work for any other form of Self Defense) the crime is foiled. In short: Nobody ever raped a .38. So bring in the NRA, offer gun safety training then self defense training then ADVANCED self defense training and issue the permits right after the next gun show swings through the area. I’ve been an NRA Certified Firearms Officer for over 25 years, I’m a former law enforcement officer and a former US Army Officer. I have a BA in Criminal Justice and a MA in Homeland Security. I know what I’m talking about.

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