Jim Laganke: 5 Reasons Why Should Consider Buying A Franchise

Jim Laganke
Jul 11, 2019 · 2 min read

Paving your way to a new business isn’t really easy, says Jim LaGanke, President of Stewart’s All American. As a matter of fact, only a few people have the expertise or ability to run a business successfully.

Wait, don’t lose hope so easily!

It’s alright if you’re not suitable to run a business. You can still have all the benefits of being an entrepreneur, and that option is “opening a franchise.” By collaborating with bigger franchise organizations, you’re provided with a structure to launch, operate, and grow a business without even bothering about thinking of a new business idea. However, for most aspiring business owners, franchise is a less risky, yet rewarding option.

If you’re also an aspiring business owner, here are the reasons why buying a franchise is an ideal option for you.

Lesser risk — When it comes to buying a franchise, you are dealing with already established business or brand that has a good business plan and marketing strategy. Therefore, the chances are quite less for your business to fail. Franchises fail very rarely as compared to typical small businesses. This means by collaborating with a well-known and established brand, you can earn more profit on name recognition.

Access to proper training — Usually, the franchisor provides all the franchisees with the proper training to keep them abreast with laws and regulations of the industry, sales practices, and the latest strategy to run the business. As the franchisor’s success depends on your business growth, they will definitely invest time and energy to ensure you know everything.

Financial benefits — Often, the franchisor agrees to negotiate lower costs for the products or items if all the franchisees contact the same suppliers. Hence, you’ll have a higher profit. Apart from this, by buying a franchise, you’ll have access to marketing departments as well as business infrastructure, which you may not have if you start a small business.

To an extent, you can work for yourself — Although you have all the right to hire and fire anyone from your staff, you can’t make any alterations in the business model. This means your workplace most comply with franchisor’s specifications.

Although buying a franchise comes with so many benefits, it doesn’t mean it is a piece of cake. Running a franchise takes a lot of investment and time, along with proper marketing plan and strategy. So make sure you are well aware of all the nitty gritty of the business model before you get started.

Jim Laganke

Written by

Jim LaGanke, President of Stewart’s All American.

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