lovingly lifted from the w-w-w

Cotton Candy, Vanity & Pre-Eternal Rest

“Wise people die,
so do stupid fools.”
Whoever made that stark remark
must have been un-cool.

Mebbe it was Soc-ra-tes,
Homer or van Gogh,
Freud or Jung, Kim Jong-un;
Curly, Larry, Moe.

Proverbs & philosophers
rarely rule the day.
Perhaps we should (bad or good)
consider what they say.

Toothpicks are for cleaning teeth;
brushes brush our hair.
Sponges clean our bodies up,
scrubbing here & there.

So listen to my wizened words,
eat them if you can.
Chew them through (old & new).
Squeeze them with your hands.

For never has a dead man
touched love or hate or squirrels — 
What’s gone is gone, what’s done is done,
all around the world.

Prudent people always die,
sometimes driving vans — 
So live your life with zing & zeal,
Enjoy it while you can.


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