Mind your language

Most of us do it, we internally chat away to ourselves about life. Sometimes it can be positive but we can also be pretty harsh about ourselves. To be fair, every now and again, a dose of self-inflicted honesty isn’t a bad thing but it depends on where you draw the line. Is it ‘kick up the backside’ honestly or more undermining your ability.

Your internal sound track is pretty powerful and can really effect where your life goes. Henry Ford famously once said ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are probably right’. Imagine if you were coaching or motivating someone else; would they want to hear ‘You can do this’ or ‘If I was you, I’d get my coat’.

So what’s the answer... Maybe it’s time to put on a new record? I’m serious, because what you listen to, watch and read has a big impact on how you think and feel. Why? Because what you consume really effects your sub conscious mind, the part of your brain which has a big part to play in creating your sound track and view of the world.

I went on a brilliant training course by Marcus Child and he talked about when your sub conscious mind best adsorbs information; which is when you first wake up in the morning and when you go to bed. In simple terms if you want to feel more positive about life, it’s better to watch Anchorman over Armageddon before hitting the sack.

Often your sound track can be so ingrained, it’s hard to tell the different between perception and reality. They say the first step to making a change is awarness. There’s a great exercise you can do to become more aware of your sound track. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and to sit down for 5 minutes and write down every thought which comes into your head. Try it at different times of the day or different days of week. Try Monday morning v Friday morning. You can guess the outcome of that one. It’s a great way of becoming aware of internal language. I am not saying we should all live in ‘happy clappy’ land, however a lot of our thoughts have become automated overtime and by being more aware, you might develop a new sound track.