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This doesn’t surprise me at all.They say marriage is a holy sacrament that requires a wife to stay with a husband who continually beats his wife and then vilify a woman that fights to save her marriage. They believe that there should be no exceptions to abortion and if it’s her life or the life of a fetus well it’s God’s will she has to die.They’re big on that portion of Ephesians that a wife must obey her husband making marriage involuntary servitude forgetting Jesus saying the 2 become one so each one brings different talents and abilities which add to the other person and makes both stronger. They believe in those portions of mosaic law which are basically sins of the flesh which put undo burdens on the people when Micah rejected this saying God only requires 3 things To love kindly: Act Justly and walk humbly before him. And Jesus adds the flesh is nothing the spirit is life. It’s no wonder the fastest growing religious group are are atheists.