Marketing is Your Starting Pitcher

I’ve worked for a few different companies in diverse industries. And I’ve noticed one common theme: Marketing is often looked down upon by Sales. In some ways, I can understand the basic thinking. Sales brings money in whereas Marketing spends money.

Marketing can also be seen as sales enablement. This makes sense, but it still retains the subservient theme of Marketing reporting to Sales.

With the explosion of content marketing, people are doing research on their own. They are deep into the buying cycle before they actually reach out and talk to a Sales person. This means the buyer is consuming marketing collateral and assets to guide them toward their decision. People do their research first. Marketing creates the research content the buyer is reading/viewing.

Sales people don’t get involved until late in the buyers’ journey.

If Marketing isn’t doing their job, Sales will never be given the opportunity to do theirs.

Sales closes the deal. But Marketing is the starting pitcher.

Marketing is Your Starting Pitcher SlideShare by Jim MacLeod

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