Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

Very good article Brooke! I voted Democratic. Reason was NOT as much as Hillary but we now have the Republican “perfect storm” in Washington. All red in the Congress, executive and perhaps the courts. Did the voters not see this elephant in the room? I do not have a race, sex or gender problem. Let people be as the may. I am more suspect today of those who wear the flag as an article of clothing, hide behind Jesus. It’s all about who is more “American” looking in the outside, though they are hypocrites on the inside. Obama was ruthlessly obstructed by bigots like McConnel and others in his term in office.The democratic party will always be to protect the common people from the powerful. The free market system has failed most Americans. Health care is joke. Is this how the Republican party said they would “Re-Brand” themselves after Romney lost?

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